nam: not about music

A Python Extension for Digital Music Applications

Superseded: Please look at the milk project instead.


Flexible realtime MIDI and audio processing and sequencing.


Total control over all aspects of the digital production of musical works, nothing less. ;)


Building blocks of processing are arranged in a realtime signal flowchart. MIDI, audio and other signals are transmitted via connections set up between plugin ports.

Design and Decisions

A 'fast' core (C++) is controlled by a 'glue' layer (Python). Putting a simplistic, friendly language in charge gives a little execution speed where it is inessential for a significant gain in large-scale implementation speed and design flexibility; it is hoped to be a step towards democracizing application design in this field. :)

The package works with Linux; portability has not been a design goal. It is licensed under the GNU Public License.


CAUTION: This code will not run if compiled with gcc 3.0 or newer due to a change in the g++ ABI.

There's a developer release available here, nam_0.55.767.tar.gz. It is only for the brave and patient. Some example applications are included, small enough to only scratch the surface unfortunately. Read the documentation (the API reference is up to date, the rest of it may not be) that comes in the tarball, or ask me if any questions arise., January 3 2005.