the software you can download on this page, is a Python extension module written in C++.

milk provides Python with classes representing key MIDI sequencer components: MIDI I/O, EventLists, Plugins and a realtime Flow class. The components can be freely interconnected in a fashion very similar to physical MIDI cabling, however the milk event system is not limited to MIDI events alone; you can define your own extensions should the need arise.

All component classes can be subclassed in Python; in fact the Plugin class is meant to be, providing two methods for you to define: one that is called for every 1/4 note passing and one that is called for every event the plugin receives. Plugins can schedule events to be played in the future. The timing of queued events is accurate to a best-case ± .5 ms depending on system features and load.

milk requires Python 2.3 running on a UNIX system. The module can make use of the ALSA sequencer infrastructure and the realtime clock /dev/rtc on Linux systems.

Current Status


milk is released under the terms of the GNU Public License with no warranties whatsoever made. If you'd prefer different licensing conditions, feel free to contact me.

The current release is milk_0.9.tar.gz., January 24 2005.